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Zhent in the form of cookies
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
435 KZT(1.10 EUR)
Wholesale: 10 KZT(0.68 EUR) from 10 kg.
The most tasty zhent in Almaty!  The best national entertainment for your dastarkhan! Natural product. Delivery across Almaty. We offer sluduyushchy types of a zhent: 1.    Zhent "A song of steppes" (with a dried cranberry;  2.    Zhent "A trill of a nightingale" (with dried fruit – candied...
Group: Spice-cake
Zhent "A song of steppes" with a dried cranberry
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
620 KZT
Wholesale: 420 KZT from 10 kg.
Zhent it is made of natural food, without addition of preservatives, dyes and GMO. Structure: talkan (millet), butter, sugar, honey, dried cranberry
Group: Flour confectionery products
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
510 KZT
Wholesale: 350 KZT from 10 kg.
Group: Pastry


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